Are Polarized Lenses Worth It?

We are always blessed to enjoy a usually predictable sunny weather on our side of the world. However, overexposure to sunlight may reflect too much light, which has a blinding effect and reduce visibility.

Sunglasses are designed to lessen the amount of light reflected by the sun and cut out harmful UV rays. Unfortunately, too many ultraviolet rays coming from the sun can cause eye health problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, pinguecula, and pterygium.

8ight Stella's polarized lenses are beneficial at reducing glare and improving your ability to distinguish objects and other details in your field of vision. Plus, it protects your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays!

What do polarized lenses do? How do they work?

When you put on a pair of polarized sunglasses, the lenses have a built-in filter that removes glare by absorbing the incoming horizontal light while allowing vertical light to enter, giving you a more comfortable vision and less eye strain.

How different are polarized lenses vs. regular sunglasses?

By cutting unnecessary glare from sunlight, polarized glasses can also help increase contrast and depth perception, which makes them helpful for people with sensitive eyes or certain medical conditions.

Polarized lenses are great for:

- driving

- hanging out by the pool or beach

- creates more vibrant color of outdoor scenery

- after cataract surgery

So yeah—polarized sunglasses do work and are worth it.

Is 8ight Stella Foldable Polarized Sunglasses For You?

8ight Stella Foldable Polarized Sunglasses should be on top of your go-to eyewear list. It's stylish, lightweight, and pocketable. You'll enjoy all the benefits of sunglasses while keeping your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays.

And did we mention that 8ight Stella glasses are foldable? "But aren't glasses supposed to fold?" We know you're going to say that. Think of folding your sunglasses three times to achieve a pocket-sized shape. You can do that with 8ight Stella, and it's incredible! You can fit it in your pants or shirt's pocket or small bag and even place it in a waterproof PVC phone pouch when you go to the beach. It's simply the perfect combination of style and convenience. Oh, and don't forget the sun protection feature!

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